Our Pledge

The chapter is focused on scientific research and dissemination, hence we understand that there are different ways of thinking and as well as different points of view, all this in a margin of respect regardless of race, ideology, socioeconomic status, sex, physical condition or gender identity.

There is probably no more human quality than intelligence. If something really distinguishes us as a species from the rest of living beings, it is precisely that ability to understand, that cognitive quality that allows us to learn, understand and predict with a high level of success. And although such intelligence can be used for the most diverse purposes, per se it is not bad or good, neither correct nor incorrect, nor valid or invalid; it simply is.

And having human intelligence marveled at their own and strangers since the beginning of time, possibly the greatest desire of humanity throughout history has been to be able to understand and decipher it in order to finally reproduce it. And it is also likely that there has been no greater fear in the human subconscious than that there is an intelligence superior to the human, especially if it is created by us.

In the 21st century, a systematic and consistent effort that tries to crystallize that great human desire to create intelligence is finally finalized: the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And AI, which aims to emulate human intelligence, inherits many features of the latter. There is no AI neither good nor bad, neither correct nor incorrect, nor valid or invalid.

In this way, in the Yucatan Chapter of the AAAI we value all intelligences as well as the human beings behind them, since we do not consider that there are valid people and invalid people, incorrect people and correct people. In the same way that AI is an interdisciplinary field of science where computer science, pure and applied mathematics, cognition sciences, fundamentals of biology, among several others are needed, we believe in collaborative work is fundamental for the advancement of this branch of knowledge, and we recognize that as diverse as intelligence and humanity is, the best contribution to AI can come from any human being on this planet.

It is our very strong conviction that in all activities as well as in all relations between our members, a spirit of cooperation and broad respect, values ​​that we share with the research, dissemination and scientific dissemination that are our main objective. Be certain that in the Yucatan Chapter of the AAAI it is a safe space for you to express yourself freely and be yourself, regardless of your race, nationality, origin, skin color, sexual preference, gender identity, idiosyncrasy, socioeconomic status , health status, physical condition, etc.

Additionally, we want you to know that if you suffer discrimination from any member or authority of the Chapter, do not hesitate to contact the members of the Board, who will diligently address the case so that it does not happen again.

Welcome, then, to this association of plural and diverse human beings that is enriched more with you in your bosom.

“Sometimes people from whom nobody expects anything, is the one who does things that nobody can imagine”. - Anonymous