Membership Benefits

Members throughout the world benefit from the AAAI efforts to advance research in the area. Major AAAI activities include organizing and sponsoring conferences, symposia and workshops; publishing a quarterly magazine for all members; publishing a series of books, proceedings, and technical reports; compiling a host of online resources and publications; and awarding grants and scholarships.


AAAI benefits:

  • AI Magazine.
  • Magazine “Artificial Intelligence Magazine”.
  • Online access to the text of “AI Magazine” and conference reports.
  • Discounts at AAAI conferences.
  • Discounts and information in affiliated conferences and subgroups.
  • Discounts on “AAAI Press” publications.
  • Discounts in sponsored magazines.
  • Access to professional associations.
  • Eligibility for AAAI scholarships.
  • Eligibility for AAAI awards.

AAAIMX Student Chapter benefits:

  • Free access to all events
  • T-shirt, stickers, thermos …
  • Personal page in the database showing your activities
  • Access to the G4 classroom for activities
  • Loan of materials and equipment
  • Discounts on sponsors events
  • Mentoring in projects, thesis, articles…

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